Scholarship Motivation Letter Guides

If you read this article, you might on the process of submitting your motivation letter for scholarship and have a plan for it. One of the most frequently asked questions is on how to write motivation letter and make it looks stunning. You should know that this is a very competitive scholarship and to get it, your motivation letter should be stand out. Here some tips of making scholarship motivation letter look stand out.

Making motivation letter for scholarships Vs. Universities

This article shows you with guides on how to make motivation letter for university application. There is a slight difference for your motivation letter between university and scholarship. Your motivation letter which made for university admission should be focused on why you interesting to learn in that university and taking certain courses and you have to include your professional goals before, during and after your courses. However, your motivation letter for scholarship is depending on a type of scholarship that you are applied.

Decide what type of scholarship you want to apply

Different scholarships have different profiles of people because they are looking for since each scholarship has specific purposes. For example, an academic scholarship that you want to show is the great history of academic achievement in your motivation letter because their aim is attracting applications among outstanding students. Scholarship that you want to apply for professional will want your motivation highlighting your professional experience.

You can start with brainstorming first

After you understand clearly who exactly scholarship that you looking for, now it’s the best time to evaluate yourself to see how you compare with the people that they aimed to attract. You can do simple practice which helps you to find if you just perfect for that scholarship is through getting the brainstorming season. It can be yourself or with your friends who know your academic journey.

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