Saturday, October 23, 2010

you {can} make a difference

Have you ever been made aware of something that completely took you by surprise and hit you so hard that you knew you'd never be able to go on without overwhelming guilt and regret if you didn't share what you learned?  I have, though not that many times.  In fact, I think I could count them on one hand. 

Well, actually I haven't been quite as vocal about this discovery as I probably should've been, but this post is about to change all that.  And I hope you'll stay with me here, even though there's not a card involved.  In fact, no stamping or any other sort of crafty bidness whatsoever.  I don't often hi-jack my own blog for personal concerns, but in this case, I feel it's really important...and hopefully of great interest to you too...not to mention my circle of influence is rather small, even with this blog. ;)

Okay, so if you're still with me, I'm guessin' you're wondering what my life-altering discovery was.  And I'm gonna tell's just been really difficult to figure out how to go about it.  I had some thoughts the other night {when I was supposed to have been sleeping}, but because I didn't get up and put them to paper, they kinda got lost and I'm starting back at square one and hope to convey this without boring you to tears.  Especially since most of you know how darn wordy I can be at times. lol  But seriously, I do hope you'll hang in there with me...there is an important message here for everyone.

Anyway, I'm a mom to five children, two of whom are still under our roof.  Becoming a parent and raising my children has got to be one of the greatest joys of my life, and if you have children, you likely feel much the same.  I enjoy being able to take them to church to learn about their God; I love building memories with them sharing the 'great outdoors' experiences with them as our family goes camping; I get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction when I hear happiness or excitement in their voice when they master a particularly difficult assignment or discover something new during our home schooling days; I am thankful I can direct them away from certain clothing styles, foods, movies, or music that I feel would be inappropriate for them as they're still young and impressionable {explaining my reasoning to them and providing them with an appropriate alternative as well}.  There are so many interactions that take place within our family on a daily basis that require constant diligence, unending devotion, and thoughtful responses...ones, I believe, only a loving parent can, and should, provide.  

And all parents, or folks who know parents, know that raising children is not an easy task.  There are many struggles along the way, and the two sides don't always see eye to eye.  But, as a parent, we do our best to continue to provide loving support and guide them safely through to maturity and adulthood. 

But what if...

*your child could contact a case worker assigned to your family to complain about your decision to not let her attend a social function at school {never mind that your decision was a disciplinary action in consequence to your child's behavior} in order to have your decision overridden...and it was!

*you, your spouse, and your 6-year old child were onboard a plane, waiting for the flight to be given clearance to depart the airport runway, when government authorities stormed on, took your child from you and a year-and-a-half later you still had not regained custody --all because you were planning to move to another country in order to have the freedom to home school your child!

*your family has some personal reason/s why you don't vaccinate your child...whether all across the board or just some in particular...and even though you've signed the school district's waiver to that effect, your child is forced, against your stated beliefs {which were supposedly permitted} and the concerned pleas of your child's, and without your knowledge!, to be vaccinated with all the other children lined up for the school nurse on vaccination day.

*your young-adult child {with a sizeable three-figure trust fund sitting in the bank} didn't agree with your idea that he should obtain a job in order to support himself, live on his own, and become a productive citizen, so he contacted the governing authorities to complain --and then you were ordered to pay him nearly $1,000/mo in order to help subsidize his "lack of income"!

There are many more examples I could find to give you, but just know that those I have given you are very real.  Unimaginable scenarios such as these, and others, are happening all over the world, including instances right here in the good ol' U.S. of A....right now!  MANY parents have lost the freedom to raise their children as they see fit and they are now treated as mere caregivers whose decisions can easily be overridden by the government...all in the name of what's in the best interest of the child.  I had never heard of such a thing, and once I had, I almost wished I hadn't.  I mean, it's truly frightening to think this could very easily happen to me...or you...or to your children...or your children's children.  Because even if you're not a parent, or not a parent yet, this will affect your life, if only indirectly.  I think you can get the picture though.  And once this practice of undermining the value of the family is established here, there's no undoing it.  In fact, I'm fairly certain the United States is the only country not adhering to this government-instituted nanny system {Somalia was also against it, but I think they may have signed on within the last several months}. 

What I'm referring to is known as the UNCRC {The United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child}.  I had never heard of it until about a year ago, and I only stumbled onto it by reading an email from the HSLDA {Home Schooling Legal Defense Association}, a home schooling advocacy group for families all over the world...because I believe the USA is the only country who has NOT signed on.  Yet.  I'm not surprised that most people have never even heard of the UNCRC, what it means if a country ratifies it, or that there are people within our country's government who have been trying to sign us up under it for a very long time now.  And they're getting closer to having it happen, but mainly because they're doing it behind closed doors and trying to keep it out of the public eye.  And, after the few examples I've given you, I'm sure you can guess why!  People would be they should be!

However, there is hope.  There is a group called who are fighting {very diligently and relentlessly} to see that this doesn't happen in America.  They've even put together what promises to be a very enlightening movie to get their message out to the general public so that we can all be made aware of what's being plannned for us...and, more importantly, what we can do about it.  I hope that my words have stirred up enough concern...or at least curiosity... that you'll give this topic the three minutes it takes to watch the trailer to see for yourself what this is all about, and then please join me in getting the word out.  I'm including it here to make it less painful for you.  You're welcome. ;)  But still go check out the site! provides many links on its site giving in-depth information regarding the UNCRC itself, the amendment opposing that treaty, a petition you can sign in opposition to the UNCRC, and all 50 states' representatives and where they stand on the issue...and so much more.  Please don't take my word on this --See for yourselves!  You can even do like I did and arrange for a venue in your community to host a viewing of this movie on or around November 20 {they're trying to have 1,000 locations across the country}.  But since the number of DVDs available are limited and it's not likely that everyone who wants one will get one, the most important thing you can do is spread the word...Share the link to so they can get the information firsthand and then go on to do the same.

ETA:  In reading Jeanne's comment regarding the proposed amendment {thank you, Jeanne}, I realize I failed to make something clear.  It is my understanding --and I'm not a lawyer and don't pretend to be-- that the parental rights Americans have enjoyed throughout history were tampered with in a court case before the Supreme Court back in 2000.  This precedent started the ball rolling toward where we are today in that one of the Supreme Court justices held that parents have no constitutionally protected rights whatsoever.

According to the legal eagles at, "Support for a high-view of parental rights has been seriously undermined by the current Court." and...

"As a consequence, numerous lower federal courts refuse to treat parental rights as deserving of protection as a fundamental right." and...

"The only kind of law that can override a treaty is the Constitution of the United States. State laws or state constitutions cannot override treaties. There is no guarantee that federal statutes could override treaties—moreover, we enter a binding legal promise to obey a treaty when we ratify it. America should not promise to obey a treaty and then claim it is appropriate to obey the treaty only when we want to. America of all nations must respect the rule of law." {See "Why Do We Need an Amendment?" at}

So that is the purpose of the proposed amendment to the ensure that the fundamental rights and liberties that parents were intended to have REMAIN.

I hope this helps to explain it a bit better.

And please know that this issue has absolutely nothing to do with partisan lines, where your children get their education, your views on healthcare, or your religious beliefs whatsoever --it has everything to do with retaining our freedom to raise our own children without government intervention.  Period.  

So, as the November elections are just days away, you can find out if your elected officials {and those who are on the ballot for the upcoming election} support the growing movement to oppose the UNCRC.  Your knowledge of how your candidates view this issue before you vote is important.  Politicians all over the country are being bombarded with phone calls --most being made aware of the UNCRC for the first telling is that?!-- and it's been very encouraging to see that many have signed on to support the opposition.  Yay!! 

Believe it or not, II've NEVER been very politically minded, but this issue absolutely horrifies me to think that our parental rights --that we've enjoyed and undoubtedly taken for granted for generations-- could be stripped from us all in a heartbeat and subject to international law....and without most of us even realizing it was even up for debate!   I hope you can see the writing on the wall and will choose to join me in standing up for our parental rights.  Our country's families deserve it. 

 Well, that's it.  My BIG discovery.  Now shared with you...long-winded as it was {sorry, but I just couldn't do it justice any other way, and I'm sure I still fell short *sigh*}.  Did you learn anything?   Did it make a difference in your life?  Were you moved to action at all?  Will you choose to make a difference in someone else's life?  I sincerely hope so....  And if you don't want to go through the agonizing method that I did here {seriously, who could blame you?! lol}, feel free to share a link to this post.

Thank you so very much for the visit --for trusting in my decision to share this critical information in this way and for humoring me in reading through it all and and no doubt wincing when realizing I didn't catch my redundant babble.  I so hope you'll stop by again soon --I promise to have a card to share next time.  ;)  But if I've lost you as a reader, then I have to say it was worth the price --sorry if that sounds harsh, but as I get older, the more aware I am that there are times when we should be more concerned with doing the right thing than worrying about what other people will think-- I hope you understand. 

Until next time, many blessings to you!


Jeanne said...

Christi, thank you very much for sharing what is obviously very personal and possibly pretty controversial. I can see you believe in this pretty strongly. I watched the video and I poked around the website a little. What it looks like this group wants is to change the constitution. I'm pretty leery when people want to mess with the constitution.

Thanks for sharing.

Susan (rainy) said...

As if being a parent is already hard enough... One of my 4 boys gave his dad and I a run for our money when he was in junior high and high school. At one point I was very suspicious that he was drinking and so I arranged for him to get a physical. He was 16 at the time. But I found out nothing. As it turns out, after the doctor did the blood and urine tests, he could NOT TELL ME THE RESULTS! Here I am, the mother and legally responsible if my son were to do something wrong, but I was not allowed to see the results of the tests to know if he was drinking and/or using drugs. The poor doctor so wanted to tell me, but he was legally bound not to. So I am right on board with you Christi. These are our children. We do what we do as their parents because we love them and want much more than any government or third party what is best for them. I would have given my life for any of my children and yet I wasn't allowed to know the results of these tests performed on my 16-old son. It was a wake up call for me. I have been a much more active in your face mom ever since. Not sure my kids always appreciated that their mom was the chaperone at school dances and field trips and sporting events, etc. etc. etc.. But at least I knew their friends and knew what they were up to much more than I had up to that point.
btw.. The story ended well. He was indeed doing the things which I suspected, but after a horrible college experience, he turned to God and cleaned up his life. He is now the daddy of my twin granddaughters and has a wonderful beautiful wife. It took a long long time, but he will finally be graduating from college in 6 weeks at the age of 27!!