Saturday, March 13, 2010

lotsa {eye} candy

Since my mojo seems to have gone on an {UNauthorized!} indefinite and rather untimely vacation **boo hoo hoo**, I thought I'd just pop in real quick and share some cards of others I thought you might enjoy...they sure make me smile to look at them anyway.   ;)

First up is a Valentine RAK from my sweet bloggin' friend Barb.  I figured it was still within a month of Valentine's Day {just barely} so it would be okay to post it, especially since there are so many bloggers out there posting Christmas cards...although it's so cute I'd post it anyway, regardless of the date.  ;) 

I thought the card was sweet enough, but she also included the cute little decorative tubes filled with festive M&Ms...AND those darling handmade paper flowers!  Thank you soooo much, Barb!  ;D

And these next cards are some of my favorites of the many wonderful ones my mom has made.  I apologize in advance if some of the photos are a little fuzzy --she usually shares them with me by sending scans, so some aren't quite as sharp for some reason. 

To "kick" off this little parade of sorts, here's a darling cowboy boot card:

This one actually has Stickles on the 'lake,' but it's not too visible here:

With a little creative ingeniousness, she made this for one of my little nieces when she'd rambunctiously pounced on and promptly fallen off a couch and broken her arm:

Here are some sweet {and glittery} birthday cards:

A couple really great 'guy' cards for ya:

I love the femininity of this one...made for my precious older daughter, Monica:

And check out this beauty, paying close attention to the GORGEOUS butterfly --you can't see it here but the wings are folded up a bit, adding some great dimension:

And my family was blessed to be the lucky recipients of these last three beautiful cards: 

Thanks so much for indulging me...and if you feel so inclined, I'm sure my mom would appreciate any encouragement you care to leave her in the comment section {and just so ya know, she will be as surprised to see these posted here as you probably were --Hi, Mom! ;D}. 

I had planned to include the recipe for the DELICIOUS cheesecake recipe I mentioned in my last post, but I think I'll come back tomorrow and share it with you then.  You really don't want to miss out on that's a definite keeper!

Oh!  And don't forget to set your clocks AHEAD tonight or you may be late for church in the morning!  ;)  {It's my least favorite night of the favorite being when we get to FALL back and nab that elusive extra hour of sleep!}

Thanks so much for the visit, and I hope you'll stop by again soon.  In the meantime, I'm {not so}patiently waiting for my mojo to get bored of being on vacation and return home to me.  Until then, many blessings to you!


Sharli said...

Wowie, what a wonderful bunch of inspiring cards! Just beautiful! Impossible to pick a favorite, each one is terrific and very different from the next! I'm just delighted that you shared them with us!


Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness, Christi! The apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree, that is for sure. These cards are wonderful!! Your mom needs to start a blog and share her creations with the rest of us regularly!!

Maybe your card-making mojo is having a blast somewhere with my card making mojo. But their crafty cousin mojo seems to have come for an extended visit in my neck of the woods. LOL

Happy Sunday to you!

Sarah said...

WOOOOWEEE they are all awesome. I esp LOVE that boot!!!! How cool is THAT.
Yay for awesome Moms!
I am hoping with the extra daylight my mood might be lifted out of the eternal doldrums I now feel......:0)