Friday, March 19, 2010

happy {happy} birthday

So, how are y'all doin'?  I know I've been really quiet, but most of you have too. ;)  Hope everyone's okay and just enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather...when it's available!  It was sunny and so beautiful this week --in the upper 60s even!-- perfect weather for spring break here...but then it started snowing last night and we ended up with three inches of new snow today. ;(  The blessing here is that the storm was slated to dump between 7-14", so we really got off easy.  And even though it's pretty, I think most people are more than ready for SPRING!  I know I am!!

Well, as you can see, my mojo's still MIA {my best excuse for not posting much this past month}, but since it's my youngest son's birthday tomorrow, I had to make him a card.  And so I did.  Nothing fancy and certainly not my best work, but it'll suffice for a 12-YO boy. lol

I used Card Patterns' Sketch 55 as the jumping off point.  Great sketch, but I think I need to take another run at it to do it justice.  Hopefully soon.  {I'm ashamed to say I'm still working on my veeerrrrry belated birthday thank yous --I'm sooooo sorry, ladies--...but I am still working on them, so that's a good thing, right?  Not a whole lot left to make, so that's even better!}

And a funny story to go with this one: 

Before my hubby was leaving to take our son to youth group the night I was going to make his card, I pulled my hubby aside and asked him to run an errand for me after youth group was over because I was going to be making his card and needed as much time as I could have.  He agreed, took my very detailed shopping list {because he'd be calling me 18 times if I didn't have it detailed enough -lol}, and off they went.  I was a happy, I mean stamper...and all was right with the world.

Fast forward now to about 15 minutes after the youth group meeting ended:

My sweet and ever-so-thoughtful hubby calls to say he was about 5 minutes from home and wanted to know if it was okay for them to come home now.  I panicked a little because I wasn't anywhere near done with the card {as you all know how S-L-O-W I am when I stamp, never mind when I'm having to wing it because my mojo up and left me to struggle}...and because I have to work at the kitchen table {NO privacy}...and because that meant that he was gonna be back waaaayyy earlier than I expected {like a good 45 minutes earlier!}.  I asked him if he'd forgotten to go to the store, to which he proudly replied, "No.  To save time, I went before I picked him up."  ROFLOL!!!   Of course it wasn't all that funny at the moment.  Men...gotta love 'em.  ;P

Anyway, I hope to be a bit more frequent with my posting here, and for those of you who still stop by, I thank you.  ;) 

Now I'm off to watch a movie with my sweet {and sometimes forgetful} hubby.  And then I hope that at least one of us remembers to go out to his truck {brrrrrr!!!!'ll definitely be him -lol} and get the birthday balloon that, as tradition would have it, is meant to be staring our birthday boy in the face when he wakes up in the morning.  {We're both tired today, so wish us luck. -lol}   

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, whatever you're doing. ;)

As always, thanks so much for the visit, and I hope you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!

Economy Boosters {just doin' my part -lol!}:

Cardstock:  Olive, White Daisy (CTMH)

Patterned Paper:  Birthday Lemon Dots, Birthday Polka Dots, Birthday Sprinkles, Aqua Dot-Os (Carolee's Creations)

Stamps:  Candlelight (CTMH), Scratched Grid Backgrounder (Cornish Heritage Farms)

Ink:  Cranberry, Buttercup, Goldrush, Olive (CTMH)

Other:  Prismacolor pencils (Sanford), odorless mineral spirits (Mona Lisa), blending stumps (Alvin), Cranberry grosgrain, paper piercer (CTMH), mat pack (SU!), button (Autumn Leaves), embroidery floss (DMC), Scattered Straw Distress Stickles (Ranger), sewing machine, thread, foam mounting tape


Karen Lee said...

I love all the stitching on this one....and....thats one great candle!

xoxo Karen Lee

Laural-Lee said...

Thank you so much for your delightful story. It made me laugh and smile knowing that my dh isn't the only one.

Laural-Lee said...

BTW you did a wonderful job with the layout. Great stitching and paper piercing.

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Lovely work dear.

Monica said...

i love the card mama, and im excited for noah to have a bday balloon - i sure miss them! love n miss you all. xoxo

Susan (rainy) said...

Funny story.. Men.. ya gotta love 'em. Love the happy and fun card, too. :)

Sharli said...

I love this card! It is so happy! I love the stitching and that giant candle is awesome.


Sarah said...

I see no lack of mojo???? This card is perfect.
I had to laugh at the hubby/store story...what a hoot.
We got snow last night.....7-8 inches maybe??? SIGH