Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{50} reasons...

...why this is going to be such a LONG post --

In case you don't frequent some of the best blogs in Blogland {but I haven't the slightest idea why you wouldn't}, or if by chance you were busy this weekend and not blogging, then you may have missed a very special occasion...well, it was for me anyway. ;) 

What?  You haven't a clue as to what I'm referring to?

Well, then, let me take this opportunity for a little show and tell...once I figure out where to begin, that is.  I've been thinking about this for a few days now and still don't know how to go about it in a way that would convey my heartfelt appreciation to all those involved, so I guess I'll just start at the beginning....

Do you remember several months back when I threw my hubby a little surprise 50th birthday party?   Well, even if you don't, apparently my mom did...and it got her little wheels a-turnin' until she came up with one heckuva plan.  A really BIG plan.  And one that got my oldest daughter and one of my very best friends involved as well.  Oh, and even Chloe {my 9-YO DD} was in on it and she never said a word...until last week when she started leaving little black packages on my nightstand and my hubby said he had nothing to do with it...and even then, she did a fairly good job of keeping the BIG secret.   

So they conspired for months, and I was totally oblivious.  They devised a plan to surprise me on my 50th {Yeah, I know.  50.  I wasn't planning to mention it, but now that it's been pretty much advertised all over Blogland, I don't think it would do me any good to deny it}.  And so it went.  My first-ever surprise party. 

Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful and probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.  I had an absolute blast {once I got over the fact that my mom and daughter had asked people...some of whom I only know from join in the "fun" AND that my age was now plastered all over the Internet -lol}. 

I laughed.
I cried {a lot}.
I opened cards galore and untold gifts containing "50" somethings {and they're still arriving even as of today!}.
AND there was a blog hop held in my honor that day {which, I'm told, was all June's idea!}.  

I was totally spoiled and completely overwhelmed by it all.  And despite having the majority of my family and friends over 1000 miles away, I truly believe this was the very best birthday I've ever had.  I don't think I've ever felt more loved...even by those who really don't "know" me all that well...and I NEVER imagined turning 50 could be even half that much fun. ;P

I received a lot of yummy edible '50s' --things like:

50 homemade chocolate chip cookies
50 pieces of gum
50 Jordan Almonds
50 pieces of my beloved Dove Dark Chocolate (x3! --triple yum!)
50 pieces of See's Candy
50 Tootsie Rolls (x2!)
50 Smarties
50 York Peppermint Patties
50 M&Ms (x3!)
50 Circus Animal Cookies
50 bags of microwave popcorn

If I don't have a LOT of help in eating those things, I'll be gaining about 50 pounds and spending a lot of time at the dentist office!

And I received a lot of pretty crafting '50s' too:

50 hand-crocheted black flowers
50 pieces of textured cardstock
50 jewel pins
50 buttons (x3!)
50 flowers (x3!)
50 black brads

And then there were the assorted fun and creative '50s':
50 recipe cards
50 black glittery candles
50 purple fun-shaped paper clips
50 hugs, kisses, and thoughts
50 bobbie pins {from my former hairdresser -lol!}
50 black pony beads
50 quarters
50 $1 bills
50 VISA bucks
{Do you see some fun shopping in my future?  ;D}

I'm sure I've forgotten some things {I'm officially old now, so that's to be expected}. 
Over the past week, I did take quite a few pics of the very clever and creative cards and gifts I received, but I honestly don't think this post could handle it if I tried to share them all with you.  So I'll just show you the beautiful handmade goodness that can't be found on the blog hop {but you really should check that out too so you can see what those talented ladies came up with!}:

My mom decorated {and filled} this paint can.  Even with  that big ol' number on it, it's still so cute. ;)

This cute little tin is the birthday card my mom made me.  Each page is a treasure in itself.

Here's the first two pages:

The third and fourth pages:

And the last two pages:

There are beautiful tags inside each of the page's pocket, but because most of them are heartfelt and personalized, I think I'll just say that you had to be there.  Truly priceless.  More than words can say.  Thanks so much,'re a treasure beyond compare.

These are the crocheted flowers that Jeanne {from the blog hop} made me --they're gorgeous!  Several different shapes and styles too!  {She embossed the gift bag too!}  Thanks, Jeanne!  ;)

And this beautiful gable box is from my friend Kathy {who still doesn't have a blog}:

Check out that flower --isn't it gorgeous?!?!  She made it herself --tea-dyed the ribbon and all!

And here's the beautiful card she made to go with it {if you're reading this...thanks, Kathy!}:

This super cute li'l 'stinker' is from Stacy {from the blog hop} --thanks so much, Stacy!

You'll see the adorable sheep card on her blog, but not this cute little gift box and note card which was decorated and filled with black brads by Elise {also from the blog hop} --thanks, Elise!:

This darling Bee-day card is from June {yep, the originator of the blog hop} --thanks, June!

This next card is from one of my dear friends in CA...she doesn't craft {or blog} but is very creative and loves any and all things vintage.  She put this together with a movie theme, and then finished it all off with a huge galvanized bucket of microwave popcorn. lol  Isn't that just so creative?!?! 

And then this LAST card is from Chloe...she thought she was being cute. lol

Yes, I'm most blessed!  And not just because of all the wonderful cards and gifts I received, but because I'm surrounded by such loving, kind, generous, and talented real life and through the wonder of the Internet.  Even if they made me cry...or called me old...this week. ;)

Well, {now that my laptop has been repaired --yay!!} I'll be back soon to share a card with you, but for now I'll leave you with the links of those participating in the blog hop on Sunday just in case you want to go back in time and live part of my special day --I know you'll love their blogs!  Be sure to leave those wonderful, sweet ladies some love too...they sure deserve it.  Don't you agree that stampers are the BEST?!  ;)

June Houck -

Jeanne Tomshack -

Barb Walker -

Stacy -

Christi Thorsen -

Carolyn King -

Marie Isom -

Mary Ellen Harrison -

Sarah Masteller -

Susan Roberts -

Jeanette Fincher -

Elise Durenberger -

Whew!  I hope I didn't forget too much of what I wanted to share.  And if you managed to hang in there with me to the end, thank you for letting me show you a glimpse of the wonderful and so very amazing day/week I had.

Thank you SOOOO much, Mom and Monica, for making my birthday so very special and memorable...short of your coming for another visit, it couldn't have been better if you'd tried.  I love you!  And a very special thanks to all you ladies who contributed to this amazing day...even if you felt you had no choice -lol.  I love you too!   **Oh, and please don't think I'm ungrateful if you don't receive a thank-you card from me right away...those of you who know me even a little know that I'm almost always a little behind in my getting cards out.  But they will come.  I promise. ;) **  

Thanks so much for the visit, and I hope you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!


Elise said...

Hello, there, sweet one! {YOU really ARE a treasure!} What a wonderful and heart-felt post... I'm scrambling for some tissue RIGHT NOW! Hee hee You had to really take the bull by the horns right there! Holy Guacamole! Anyhoo, from one blogger to another - WHOOPEE! Turning 50 probably seems easy compared to curating over all those lists, acknowledgements, graphics, links, html, etc! {I know!} This was spectacular! Yes, I'm on the list of casual blog acquaintance, but WOW! Getting to know you better through this has really and truly touched me. I am so honored. Your people are REALLY SOMETHING! Your folks, your KIDS and your hubby! Much love to them - what a gang! You are truly blessed, dear Christi, and I now know why! Thanks, so much, for sharing all of this! I'm adoring you in a whole new way!

May your birthday celebration continue all year long!



Jeanne said...

Oh wow, Christi! What a post! I'm sniffling with pleasure after reading it and seeing ALL the gorgeousness you've received. And you so deserve every little bit of love you got!

You've got one fabulous family there who obviously love you very much. You are truly blessed! I'm grateful to have had a teensy tiny part in celebrating your birthday.

May it be the start of a fantastic year for you!

Sarah said...

Ohhh it was so much FUN!!!! And now I know what Jeanne sent you. She wasn't telling ha!
You are so very lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends.
Take care Christi..I am SO glad you had a wonderful time...even if half of America now knows how old you are :0)

Stacy said...

Christi, you are so very blessed to have such a loving family and friends who adore you! This post made me cry!!! {{sniff}}} but in a good way. I am so glad you enjoyed everything! You are most deserving. Many hugs!

June Houck said...

You always have the sweetest posts! This one in particular has my eyes tearing up a bit...tears of joy :)

I am so happy for you. You deserve to have an extra special birthday celebration. And you are quite a look much much younger than 50!

I have to admit I was ROTFLOL at Chloe's card...

Amy Sheffer said...

Happy Birthday, Christi!!

mE said...

This is amazing. Your mom and friends are incredible.

Inky Smiles!

Barb said...

This was SO MUCH fun! I was honored to be included! You are very loved!