Thursday, January 28, 2010

50 {more} reasons...

to make me someone get teary-eyed....

All my older kids somehow know just how to get to me, and over the years I've even framed some of their efforts.  Even my non-sentimental older son just penned out his "50 Out of Infinity Reasons [he loves me]" --some made me laugh, some were just plain fun, and some, well, you know {yes, I needed to wipe my eyes}.  More than they know, it does my mama's heart good.

Well, my oldest daughter {who's not a scrapbooker...yet} spent months making this special "50" album for my birthday, and I can't help but cry each time I look at it {and I really don't like to cry, but I sure miss my family and I just can't stop myself sometimes}.  Monica presented it to me when she was here at Christmas, and I think she'd be very pleased if I shared some of her heart-and-soul-turned-gift with you here.  I don't normally share too many pics online, but for this, I'm happy to make an exception. 

There were 50 photos in all, each with their own quote, which seemed to be chosen carefully and specifically for each picture.  I've selected just a handful of them to share with'll notice some aren't the most flattering photos to lay before you, but we can't always know in advance which of our Kodak moments will be the ones to be frozen in time, can we?  Darn! ;)

And after the 50 photos were 50 words she thought helped to describe me. 

In a word, this album is AMAZING.  I couldn't love it more if she'd used every Spellbinder die, Copic color, my favorite BasicGrey or My Mind's Eye papers available.  I know how much of herself she poured into this, especially having to do it in her spare time {she works very long hours and also goes to school part time}, and I know she was very proud of the end result.  I hope you'll enjoy it too.  ;)

The first page:

The pics she chose aren't in chronological order {you can see how much she's grown up in some of them --I love that!}...this one was taken right before we moved from CA {summer 2006}:

Not positive, but I'm thinkin' it was right before we decorated our Christmas tree in 2004 {**Laura, that's the patchwork quilted Christmas tree skirt I made**}:

This one was right before one of her senior dances {spring 2005} --we were having a lot of too much fun taking those pictures and were caught in the act sharing an inside joke:

This one is all about how we always placed a birthday balloon at the foot of the kids' beds while they slept so that in the morning when they woke up, it was the first thing they saw on their birthday.  It's a tradition we only get to continue with our youngest two now, but it's nice to know that it's a tradition the kids remember and enjoyed.  I've tried to figure out a way to carry it on even though we're so far away, but it just wouldn't be the same. ;(

This one was taken after we arrived in CA for a visit {June 2007}:

This was taken on our way to the airport after Monica had come for a visit {Sept. 2006} --notice the outbreak of red, puffy eyes {goodbyes are so dang tough...even today!}:

This was right before Monica's senior prom {spring 2005} --loved that dress...we even found shoes to match:

I'm thinkin' Christmas 2004?:

This is when Monica came to visit us just a month or so after we moved from CA {Sept. 2006}...and a day or two before we had the red, puffy eyes incident on the way to the airport, shown above {yeah, we start the waterworks early sometimes, as shown here}:

And I had to throw in this last one for ya...circa August 1995....just for the giggles.  Not too long after we began dating, my now-husband, his daughter, my three kiddos, and I visited my parents while they were vacationing in CO.  This was taken at a breathtaking scenic overlook in Wolf Creek Pass, and I have NO idea why I'm apparently clueless that Monica's teetering soooo close to the edge of that cliff {yep, I was always a wonderful mom...every minute!}.  And check out my hair and those shorts...yeah, I was never too into style. lol  

And puttin' the picture with the quote, I'm now wonderin' just what 'mother' was supposed to be aware of here...perhaps that the peace sign Monica was flashin' at my then-boyfriend was a message that there would be peace in our worlds if we blended our families in marriage?  lol  Little did she know....peace came, all right, but at a high price and several years later.  Long story.  You'd best not ask. ;)

And here's where Monica got all wordy on me -lol {though it is kinda nice to know what she thinks of me}:

Did you see that last one..."intelligent"?? lol  Guess she doesn't know me as well as she thinks...must've been runnin' outta nice words. ;)  Just kiddin'...we all know where her smart genes came from!  ;P

Thanks so much, Monica. Your labor of love will always be dear to my heart {and close at hand}, though nothing could come close to the love I have for you.

Well, I hope you ladies enjoyed this glimpse into my relationship with my sweet Monica...cuz I'm pretty much done with all the personal, teary-eyed, mushy stuff.  Yeah, real done.

My next post WILL be a card. ;)

Thanks so much for the visit, and I hope you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!


Sarah said...

Awwwwww.....I can only hope that my daughters feel this way! Awesome post. Where are the tissues?????

Monica said...

love you mama, im glad you liked the book enough to share some of the pictures(not that you have anything to hide) you deserve all of the time i spent making it, and so much more. i'm happy that i got to give it to you in person...wish i could be looking thru it WITH you now too. love you!

Susan (rainy) said...

What a wonderful work of heart!! And Christi you are so durn cute girlie!!

Jeanne said...

Wow. Spectacular! How proud you must be to have raised such a thoughtful and giving daughter. I need to go find my tissues....

mE said...

This is amazing... here I am all dressed, with mascara and everything, teary eyed and my mascara is running down my face. LOL! I LOVE that your daughter thinks you are amazing. What a BLESSING :)

Inky Smiles!

Carolyn King said...

that is fabulous! you have a great looking family (and you look like a sister rather than a mom...still shocked!)

She did an awesome job on this!

Barb said...

Pass the tissue box! What an awesome gift! Way to go Monica!! Christi, I know you're proud of her!! (sniff sniff)

Gorgeous family, too!