Thursday, August 13, 2009

never can say {goodbye}

Hello there! It's been a LONG time since I've posted (FOUR whole WEEKS to be exact) -- YIKES! So how have y'all been?! Fully enjoying your summer, I hope!

Our road trip was a lot of fun --the kids and I traveled through seven states, logged well over 2,000 miles, and saw some beautiful scenery along the way. (We also thoroughly enjoyed eating an In N Out burger upon our arrival in California --man, I miss those!) And the best part was getting to see my older kids, my parents, and even a few old friends again...but saying goodbye proved just as difficult for me as it has been every other time. To be honest, it really stinks. I'm so bad at it that I will even catch myself starting to get teary (in private) long before it's time to leave just knowing that THAT time is coming. Despite my best efforts, it totally reduces me to a big bawling baby EVERY time. (In years past, I've even been called a "tourist"...someone who is already aware and sad about having to leave rather than enjoying the time there. I'm not sure I want to agree with that, but it's possible there's a leetle grain of truth to it.) Sometimes I wish I could just give and take those parting hugs and just turn and leave with a big smile on my face. But, n-o-o-o-o. I have to cry. A LOT. I can't help it. My heart just hurts. And if it weren't my family, I'd be completely embarrassed. My parents get it (I'm pretty sure), but I have a feeling my kids think I'm a total freak. It's bad enough that those moments are likely stored in their memory banks, but I'm very thankful they haven't been captured on film. Can you imagine?!?!? Not so pretty.

So we've been back home {for two weeks now}, just trying to get caught up on everything before we start school again. I'm still not ready. Not at all actually. And I haven't even stamped much, nor have I been blurfing. ;( I've really been missing it, too, but sometimes life just kinda assumes its {rightful} position and I'm obliged to go where it leads. I was all set to apologize here but then figured that no one probably even noticed my absence. lol And I'm assuming that you guys all have times when you're too busy to stamp/blog too, so you totally I right? And it's not about guilt, but to share when time permits. Are you with me on that too (I hope)? ;)

I'm still way behind on the cards I want/need to make and each week the list grows, making me wonder how I'm ever going to get caught up. And still no Christmas cards made yet (I'm not holding my breath on that one, but it's still early...or so I keep telling myself -lol).

Anyway, I need to get dinner started but thought I'd just check back in to blog world, say a quick hello to any of you who happen to stop by, and share a little card I made to leave with my sweet daughter after our visit. Not my usual style (it was inspired by Heather "Pine" Nichols actually --love her fresh and simple approach), but instead of making a card I was supposed to have been packing and getting everything loaded into the car so we could leave on our trip...I was a little rushed to say the least but enjoyed making a card without patterned paper for a change. Of course it wasn't as "simple" (read: fast) for me to imitate Heather's style, but it was fun and I was happy with the end result. The butterflies are supposed to be representative of me and the littlest munchkins who joined me on the trip. ;) Thanks so much for coming back to visit me here, and I hope you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!

Economy boosters (just doin' my part -lol!):

Cardstock: Kraft (SU!), Aqua Mist, Melon Berry (Papertrey Ink)

Stamps: Boards & Beams (Papertrey Ink)

Ink: White Daisy pigment ink (CTMH)

Other: Classic Butterfly punch (Martha Stewart), Scalloped Scallop border punch (EK Success), button, ribbon (Papertrey Ink), embroidery floss (DMC), sponge (CTMH), butterfly trim (Wright's), white gel pen (Signo), Gelly Roll clear Stardust glitter pan (Sakura), glue dots


Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! I only see my parents once a year and I am TOTALLY with you on the goodbyes. It tears me UP. I am anticipating the trip to the airport weeks before they leave. Then I just cry and cry! Then my dad cries. SO I feel your pain.
Your card is gorgeous...and in no way looks quick!
Welcome home.

Monica said...

even if all the other kids think ur a total freak im always right there crying with ya .. laughing at each other for crying .. then crying more .. and repeat =]

ill never forget leaving the hotel last summer thou .. i think that was a record for us thou. i dont think i have ever let so many empty elevators pass me up in my life .. =]

love you!

Monica said...

oh, and we love the card! its on the dresser! next to the greatttt smelling candle =] thanks again. xoxo

Marie with a :-) said...

I can see why you were happy with the results...its so pretty. I've finally determined that "clean and simple" is my favorite kind of card and this one tops the favs list.
Glad you are back home safely; sorry to hear that good byes are so difficult for you. Just proves how sweet you are!
PS When do you start back at schooling? I'm only officially teaching one this year and she starts on Monday.

Jeanne said...

Christi! It's so good to see you posting again. I HAVE missed you a ton (although I do feel special that we got to meet up at Archiver's, wink). I'm so happy you had a good trip, but am empathic to how hard good-byes are for you. I completely understand!

Your card is beautiful! Love the butterflies representing you and the kids.

Enjoy your last few days of summer (just wish our weather would cooperate for us...storms, blech) and I look forward to your next post!

June Houck said...

I am so glad you all had a safe and wonderful trip. I bawled like you every time I leave my grandparents...even when I saw them 3/days each week and we only lived ~30 minutes away!

Of course you were missed! And I am always happy when I see you have had time to post. Summer is much harder to create and blog with the kiddos home for summer vacation.

Your card is super clean, fresh, and pretty :)

Jeanette - said...

Christi -
I'm so glad you had a great trip. I cry too, always have, always will! :) Your card is beautiful!! I love the butterflies and their significance :) Big hugs!

Sharli said...

Well, I'm on the record as having missed you! I'm glad you had a good trip - I understand about the tears, I do it too.

I love your card, and have missed your posts. Welcome home.

Carolyn King said...

You have been missed. Glad you had a great time traveling but sorry you had to say goodbye to lots of family/friends. I am right there with it every summer and Christmas and it is so hard. your beautiful card!