Friday, August 21, 2009

amusing {food-related} musings

I don't have any cards to share in this post (however, if you didn't see my previous post earlier today, I do have a card you probably haven't seen...just scroll down a little), but thought you might be in a mood to be entertained for a few minutes. And if not, then I'll just thank you now for stopping by and apologize for your disappointment. BUT if you're looking to be amused or could use a good laugh to start off your weekend, here ya go:

First up are some handmade designs by my silly and oh-so-creative 9-YO, Chloe.
I realize these require a little stretch of the imagination to consider it 'food related,' but they really are because they utilize the little wire twist ties for produce bags taken from found in most grocery stores. Not a very eco-minded activity, I know, but, all things considered, we're good with that.

Girl in wheelchair with dog: Girl with crutches --this girl's getting more mobile, so she must be getting better -lol! (I'm not sure what Chloe's preoccupation with physical maladies is here, but these are really cute; no?): Maybe she fell off her bike and broke her leg?? lol But at least we now know that it wasn't a Seeing Eye dog up there next to the wheelchair. ;) I guess she's recovered now and enjoying the good life...maybe on a beach somewhere? ;) And finally, a group shot: And now for a little food funny straight from, you guessed it, the mouth of my sweet Chloe (can I just say how much joy she brings me?!)....

She was recently enjoying a new flavor of yogurt and commented to me that it was really good. Then she added, "It might be better though if it weren't organic...(slight pause here) and if it were real cow's milk." To that I explained that organic meant only that it didn't have the bad things in it, like pesticides or hormones, but that the flavor would be the same as non-organic yogurt...and that it IS made with cow's milk. Then she says, with no small amount of relief in her voice, "Oh! Then I guess it's really good." Well, after that enthusiastic response, my curiosity got the better of me and so I had to ask her what she thought it was if not "real cow's milk." Her reply was to show me the yogurt's label: Aside from thinking of the truly adventurous spirit she has (because she's been choosing this particular brand of yogurt for a little while now and has never once questioned it...aloud anyway), all I could do was laugh! Wallaby milk?!? lol Kids --how can you not love their sweet innocence! ;)

Here's another 'food-related' clip my brother sent to me last week, and I found it to be hysterically funny...albeit just as equally frightening. Ordinarily I'm not a big fan of the ACLU, but in this case I'm in total agreement. I wasn't able to embed the clip to my blog, but if you haven't already seen it and want a good laugh, click HERE. ....So what did you think? Can you imagine?!?!?

And before you go on your way, here's something I found the other day while searching out a recipe for homemade chai latte (I was hoping to find a less expensive and healthier way for Chloe and I to enjoy one of our favorite indulgences...I'm still looking). I don't frequent coffee cafes and don't personally know any baristas, so I found this video clip rather amusing.
I had no idea what I'd been (and will continue to be) missing! lol Who knew making/ordering coffee drinks could be so fun? ;)

If you made it to the end here, thanks; I hope you were at least a little amused. I'll be back to share another card with you soon.

Thanks so much for the visit, and I hope you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!


Pat said...

O my word! Chloe, you're fantaaaastic! I'm almost 70 and I couldn't possibly have done what you did -- they are awesome! You'll have to teach me how you do it when we see you in a few months.
Love ya, Grama

Jeanne said...

You've definitely got a keeper there in Chloe! Such imagination! Thanks in no small part to her mom, I'm sure.

Thanks for and entertaining post!

travelingmama said...

Those are some SERIOUSLY amazing pieces of art! Wow! Must have gotten it from her Mom!

Sarah said...

OK those little people are too cute!
The Wallaby Yogurt thing is hilarious
I had gotten that Pizza thing as an email recently...scary yet funny
The Latte art was enjoyed by my daughters and I LOL
Thanks for a great post.

Monica said...

haha. i love chloes little people! =] love and miss you. xoxo