Sunday, July 12, 2009

good {times} and rock bites

Hello! Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments you've been leaving for me lately. I can't tell you how much I appreciate them/you...especially when I know (all too well) how many things are vying for our time and attention. It means so much that you take the time to stop by. ;)

Our camping trip was a lot of fun, even if we did have rain EVERY single day...a little more than we expected it would too. We even opted not to go down the mountain and watch the fireworks show in Estes Park because of the threatening skies and cold temps. Guess that's a big part of what makes that area so green and beautiful...and I think it may have also helped to keep the mosquitoes at bay, so that was definitely a good thing. So even though some of our plans were frustrated, we didn't let the rain didn't dampen our spirits...each afternoon the guys would take the kids geo-caching and we ladies got to hang out without any responsibilities in their absence. Evenings were spent playing card games. And we did get in a little hiking and biking. All was good. Until the last five minutes of the trip.... It went something like this:

Son let Dog lead him on walk amongst big rocks near campsite while Hubby finished hooking up the trailer. (Dog thinks she's the boss; Son doesn't let her know otherwise.)

Ever-vigilant Daughter kept her eagle eyes on them from her vantage point on another rock pile while Mom was inside the trailer changing from tennies to flip flops in anticipation of the ride home just minutes away.

Dog spied a chipmunk and thought she should chase it. Something she'd been dying to do since we arrived three days earlier. Too bad it was on rocky terrain --big, rough, hard, sometimes slippery, moss-covered, and very unforgiving rocks.

Dog's sudden enthusiastic lunge caused Son to stumble...outside of Daughter's visual field.

Daughter loudly calls out Son's name.

Mom's ears perk up.

Son doesn't respond.

Daughter calls out to him again, asking if he's okay, while quickly climbing to area where Son was as she answers Mom's inquiry that Son fell.

Time stands still and Mom's blood instantly runs cold as her mind switches gears and entertains a number of frightening scenarios while tearing out of the trailer, running, full speed ahead, through the woods toward Daughter's voice. As Mom bounds up the first boulder, not thinking...or caring...that she's just broken her first rule of the weekend (NO flip flops on the rocks!), her flip flop (on the first and only foot on said boulder) with ZERO traction, slides two feet down the damp (translated: slick) moss-covered rock...bringing Mom and all her momentum down with it. Not in the plan.

Mom instinctively uses her palms to brace herself for the inevitable boulder body slam (no, it's not a new dance). When the clock starts ticking again and Mom's blood is definitely heated and flowing, Mom feels a stinging sensation and accompanying pain calling to her from several areas of her body (determined at a later time to be a baker's when it was draining all the pleasure from her long-awaited shower --and I know that sounds kinda bad, but you know what I mean -lol!).

As Mom backs off her impromptu incline bed, she realizes that her other foot is no longer wearing its flip flop. As she reaches to put it back on, she is relieved to hear both Daughter and Son and calls out to see if Son is okay.

Daughter calls out that he is.

Mom climbs up and around the mean mountain to reach Daughter, Son, and Dog, thankful that no one {else} is hurt and recalling exactly why she incorporated the NO Flip Flops on Rocks rule.

Son, didn't fall. He did get a little scraped up, but thankfully was fine...other than becoming squeamish after seeing Mom's trembling, bloodied hands. lol Bless his heart, through all that, he didn't let go of Dog...cuz Huskies are prone to run and not return and we do NOT let ours off leash in public under ANY circumstances (no need to tempt fate here, cuz we're all quite attached to her).

The whole gang walks back to the campsite where Hubby, completely unaware of all that had just taken place in those last few minutes, is ready to go home. After he bandages Mom's hands.

Mom thought it was also a good time to let Son know that she'd do it all again. Although it doesn't compare, it reminded her of what Jesus' pierced and bloodied hands did for each of us on the cross...and He'd do it all again. Thank goodness He doesn't have to.

Okay, so here's the card I set out to share with you. lol I made it for my parents a little bit ago, because we always have such good times together. ;)

I used some Wild Saffron papers, a cute little Unity image and sentiment, and some glitter pen for sparkle (that doesn't show up in this photo). I think I was long-winded enough tonight, so I'll just leave it up to you to ask if you have any questions on the card.

My hands are healing nicely and I'm hoping to get in some stamping time this week. ;)

Thanks so much for the visit, and I hope you have a great week ahead and that you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!

Economy Boosters (just doin' my part -lol!):

Cardstock: Cranberry, Colonial White (CTMH), Aqua Mist (Papertrey Ink)

Patterned Paper: Wild Saffron collection (K&Company)

Stamps: October Kit of the Month, "Thinking About the Good Times" (Unity)

Ink: Timber Brown Staz-On (Tsukineko), Antique Linen Distress Ink (Ranger)

Other: Prismacolor pencils (Sanford), blending stumps (Alvin), odorless mineral spirits (Mona Lisa), Tags Trio die (Spellbinders), Cuttlebug (Provo Craft), ribbon, sponges (CTMH), button (BasicGrey), embroidery floss (DMC), photo corner punch (SU!), green Spica glitter pen (Too Marker), foam mounting tape


Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness, Christi! What a story. I was on pins and needles the whole time I was reading. Thank goodness it wasn't worse, it was bad enough, though. I am glad everyone is okay. Sooooo scary! Whew!

And your card is fabulous! Love the coloring. WoW!

I'm still reacting to the story. I hope you feel all better really, really soon!

Jeanette - said...

Oh my goodness Christi!!! I'm so happy that things turned out WAY better than I was anticipating in your story. I admit, I was thinking a broken bone. You're a really good story teller, but can we have fiction from now on?
Your card is beautiful!! I hope you feel better soon!

Michelle said...

Like Jeanette, I was waiting to hear which bone(s) were broken in this event. I'm glad everyone is alright, and that your stamping hands weren't too badly damaged! Have a great, and quiet day.

Patti Gingrich said...

Thankful to hear that you are all home safely! Glad those stamping hands were not too seriously hurt. ;) Another lovely card Christi. Enjoy your week!

Christi said...

What a story and what a card!!! Wow!!

Susan (rainy) said...

Holy Smokes girl!! Been there... with 4 boys... well 'nuf said! That mom thing kicks in and nothin' else matters. So glad that no one was really seriously injured.

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh! LOL!! I got so wrapped up in your story that I forgot to mention... LOVE the card! lol