Thursday, July 16, 2009

bitty baby {blessings} and other memorable scents

Hello, and Happy Friday to ya! ;) Well, it's still Thursday for me because I haven't called it a day yet, but since it is after midnight here, I guess technically it is Friday now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

For a change I thought I'd share my card first and THEN get onto the blabbin' part of my post. That way you don't have to sift through all the words to see what you came here for. ;)

Here's a card I made for one of my {much} younger friends who recently had a baby girl:
I used THIS card by Debbie Olson as my inspiration (hers is definitely much cuter). I'd been planning this for days. I had my Bitty Baby Blessings stamp set all ready to go and set out to pretty much CASE her adorable bib card, but was quickly disappointed to discover that my Petite and Classic Oval Nesties dies were identical in size (BOTH sets were quite a bit smaller than what Debbie's photo tutorial showed, so I'm guessing they're both Classics...and the same goes for another set of Petite Nesties that I have, which really bums me out because the Petite sets are sold in 4-packs and they aren't cheap...not to mention that I purchased them last online fall and I highly doubt I can exchange them now, especially since I just got rid of the packaging a couple months ago when my mom was here helping me to organize them into a CD case --remember that?). They must've been labeled incorrectly. Woe is me. ;(

Anyway, since I had wanted my card to be bigger than the biggest Classic Oval Nestie would afford, I decided to go ahead and go with it anyway and just use it as the focal point on a card base. So that's what I did. The paper is some from American Crafts that I bought a few years ago (I don't think it's something I'd choose to buy today --good reason not to hoard paper), and I glam'd it up a bit by tracing over the flowers with my Gelly Roll Clear Stardust glitter pen. Not sure you can see it here though, but it did add a nice touch (at least I think so). And as I was writing down the supplies I used for the card, I noticed the name for the striped paper on the bib is ironically called "Bib" -lol --what are the odds?!

Does it look funny that the bib is angled? Noah and Chloe both preferred it crooked to straight, so I went with it. At first I agreed with them, but then after I actually adhered it to the card (AFTER the bunny was attached), it seems weird and looks like it's ready to hop...or fall...right off the card. Oh, well. It's too late now. I'm hoping the fact that the bunny's all nice and fuzzy (Fun Flock) will make up for the cock-eyed positioning. ;)

Here's with the bib open: I'm sure I could've/should've spiced that up, but I didn't...just stamped a sentiment from the same set.

I thought that little bunny was so cute, so I added him to the inside of the card too, but this time it's sitting straight. ;) Reminds me a lot of a bunny I had growing up...Fluffy was her name. She looked just like this but she had red eyes...that's kinda weird now that I think about it...Do all bunnies have red eyes? And now for a little non-card related chit-chat...if you're not asleep yet. ;) I'm actually ready for bed myself, but something happened this week that I thought I'd share.

For the first time in my life, I cracked open, not one, but two ROTTEN eggs when I was cooking the other day. From the same carton. Organic Large Grade A brown eggs. The same kind I always buy. And they weren't old. But they were ROTTEN...really ROTTEN...shells with some darker and bigger than usual splotches (which had me really suspicious after I encountered the first one), a dark grayish green-colored yolk, the white was runnier than usual and shot out at me when I cracked open the shell and it went all down my shirt (yeah, it was lovely), and it stunk to high heaven. It smelled like VERY FISHY fish, but maybe even worse...not even like sulfur, which I'd always referred to as smelling like rotten eggs. Little did I know. It was much worse than that. Can you say completely disgusting?! I'm not a wimp when it comes to gross, but this was one of the grossest, most disgusting things I've ever come across in my entire life (and I'm older than 13...quite a bit older in fact -lol). No exaggeration. On the age thing or the smell. ;)

Okay, so the the following night, I was making eggs for dinner (it was a rare occasion, but they're quick, easy, and very everyone loves them, but me -lol), and I had a "going bad" egg contaminate the other good eggs that were already cooking in the pan -- it looked fine at first but when I poured it from the bowl to the pan (this experience made a GOOD case for ALWAYS cracking your eggs into a separate bowl BEFORE adding them to your other recipe ingredients), the white was more like water than real egg white...ran all over the pan, and it had a little 'off' smell to it. Not sure why I didn't pick up on that before adding it to the pan, especially since I was already suspicious, but it didn't have the splotches.... Anyway, I had to toss all the eggs in the pan (and the few that were left in the carton --didn't want to take another chance), thoroughly wash the pan, and start over with a new (and a different brand -lol) carton. I must've been so disgusted by this that I even dreamt about rotten eggs that night. No kidding. I think I'm phobic now.

Okay, now that I've shared that with y'all...I bet you're in the mood for something that calls for eggs, right? lol Not me. I know I can't avoid them forever, but I think I'll enjoy my pass on them for at least the duration of our upcoming trip to visit the older kids, my parents, and some friends. ;) Or not. I just realized I'm planning to make some zucchini bread tomorrow for the drive. (Kinda weird, but ever since we left CA a few summers ago, traveling back and forth when moving...twice (UGH!)...and subsequently from where we now call home back to CA to visit, I've made zucchini bread --with lotsa chocolate chips-- to take along as a snack in the car. It's kinda become our traditional "traveling" food now and the kids really look forward to it.) Anyway, I guess I'm gonna have to tough it out when cracking open the eggs...that's one way to deal with (and hopefully conquer) my newly discovered phobia. Gotta be brave for the kids, right? lol I just hope that NEVER happens again.

Well, I've got a LOT to do between now and when we leave on Sunday --I'm tired just thinking about it all-- so I won't be on the computer much for the next couple weeks. I know I'm going to be missing out on a lot of great work, so that's a bummer. I may be able to sneak in a post or two before I get back home, but don't hold me to it. ;) I know the limited time we have for this trip is going to pass by far too quickly. ;(

So, as always, thanks so much for the visit, and I hope you'll stop by again soon. And if you're among those who pray, the kids and I are going to be logging over 2,000 miles in a little commuter car (as opposed to my big and much safer Suburban), so I'd truly appreciate your prayers for a safe trip for us (thank you!). Until then, good night, and many blessings to you!

Economy Boosters (just doin' my part -lol!):

Cardstock: Curious Iridescent Cryogen White (Arjo-Wiggins), Amethyst, Baby Pink, White Daisy (CTMH)

Patterned Paper: The Goods "Bib," "Little Bo Peep," and "Blankie" (American Crafts)

Stamps: Bitty Baby Blessings (Papertrey Ink)

Ink: Jet Black Staz-On (Tsukineko), Baby Pink (CTMH)

Other: Classic Standard and Scallop Oval Nestabilities dies, Tags Trio dies (Spellbinders), Cuttlebug, Swiss Dots embossing folder (Provo Craft), heat tool, water brush, grosgrain (CTMH), button (Papertrey Ink), embroidery floss (DMC), Fun Flock (Stampendous), Gelly Roll Clear Stardust glitter pen (Sakura), sewing machine, thread, foam mounting tape


Jeanne said...

Oh my...UGH...on the whole rotten egg thing you had going on. Did you at least let the store where you got them know? Or is this some sort of possibility to agree to when you buy organic eggs? (I haven't a clue) ***Shudders*** Now I'm gonna be a little leery when I crack my eggs. LOL Just kidding. I really am sorry you had to deal with that and now have a phobia (not that I blame you).

The card you made is beautiful! I love the glitter (great idea) and I like the slanted bib. I'm sure the recipient is going to LOVE the card.

Red eyed critters kind of creep me out so you got another shudder from me at that point. LOL

Safe travels to you and the kids on your trip to CA. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about what you may be "missing" while you are gone. Just think of it as having lots to look forward to when you get back!


Jeanette - said...

Your card is beautiful!! The eggs....icky!! I'm sorry you had to experience that! I will say a prayer for your safe travels! The zucchini bread sounds YUMMY! Have a wonderful trip! I will miss your postings :)

Michelle said...

Very Cute Christi! I love all the detail in your card...the button and bow on the front, how the bib opens, and the decoration on the inside. Great job!

LauraB said...

love he card, love the angle!
gross about the eggs!
the zucchini bread sounds wonderful-please share your recipe when you get back?

safe travels to you and yours!

Susan (rainy) said...

DARLING card, Christi!! Love the fuzzy bunny.. and I'll agree with Noah and Chloe about the angled bib.

The egg thing.. ugh. I was making brownies once and cracked an egg into the mix. It actually exploded the dang thing was so bad. Oh it was horrible. It stunk SO BAD!! lol Ever since then, like you said, I have cracked my eggs in a separate bowl first.

Safe travels!

Sharli said...

I LOVE your card, it's simply adorable! I agree, tilted is good.

The egg experience, ugh. Enough said.

June Houck said...

Okay, so now I am skittish about my weekly Saturday trip to the farmer's market to buy my eggs! Totally gross. I'd be dreaming of rotten eggs too if that happened to me.

Your baby card is so precious!!! I love the bib and the stitching and the sweet papers.

I hope your trip is less eventful than the flip flops on rocks incident :)