Monday, May 4, 2009

{krafty} Cosmo and the cannibal caterpillar

Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to share your tips on finding your creativity when it's taking a break. ;) I'm definitely making notes for future reference! ;)

I haven't stamped since I posted last, except for a Mother's Day card that I'll share with you on Sunday, but thought I'd sneak in a quick post and share the birthday card I made for my oldest younger brother back in early January: Because it was for my brother, I decided to go very quick and simple. The lollipop has Stickles over it, but the red ink that I'd stamped it in kept seeping up into the thinner area of blue Stickles, so I had to keep going over it again and again. The finished result wasn't ideal, but again, it was for my brother and I didn't really think he'd mind (or even notice -lol). He did let me know he liked it, though, which was more than I'd really expected --and he didn't say a word about the lollipop! lol-- so that was nice. ;)

I need to get back to cleaning the house, so I'll see you guys later. We're already one day into our Spring Break, and the kids are enjoying it thoroughly (even though I had them cleaning their rooms most of the day). I have a feeling this week is going to fly by.

Oh, speaking of flies...or insects rather...Noah was given an ant farm for his birthday so we've been having fun watching them tunnel all over creation in this blue gel stuff (something new since the days of the ant farms with real dirt). I have no idea where they think they're going or what they think the purpose is for all their digging, but they're sure going at it like there's no tomorrow. The kids are quite fascinated by it. Did you know that the ants actually 'bury' their dead? Well, these ones seem to anyway. They actually transport the dead ones down to one of the two bottom corners of the farm. Weird.

And talk about weird...Chloe was given a butterfly pavilion. While butterflies are beautiful and the whole process is amazing to witness, we discovered that two caterpillars must have been cannibalized (one in each of the two containers she received). I'd never thought about that before...having a cannibal caterpillar I mean. So last night when we were about to say prayers, I peeked into one of the two containers and noticed that the only remaining caterpillar was hanging upside down like the other four newly formed chrysalises in there with him. At first we thought he was about to start the chrysalis process himself, but instead he (and we say "he" because a female wouldn't do such a thing -lol) worked himself over to the nearest chrysalis and began to try to eat it. The poor thing inside the nibbled chrysalis began to move as if to shake off whatever it was that was trying to sample her. It was awful to watch, even though he really didn't appear to be getting much in the way of food.

In disbelief, we watched this go on for about 15 minutes, nibbling on one, then moving over to another, and to yet another, and back again and staying mostly focused on the one nearest to him. It was so creepy to see his little pinchers moving wildly like he was desperate for a meal, and even more so to think he'd be eating one of his sleeping roomies. Finally we decided there was no way we could go to bed and leave this guy to potentially kill all of the other chrysalises while we slept. So...we called in my hubby and had him pull the lid off the container so we could toss the little creep outside (not my hubby...the cannibal caterpillar). And that's just what we did. It was unfortunate that we had to do that, but it certainly explains why we saw one of the caterpillars in each container that was scattered about the container in several sections (one of which is still hanging from the lid, almost as if it had been cut down while it was trying to form its chrysalis). I'm very glad that we didn't witness either of the two caterpillars being devoured, and even more glad to know that we were able to prevent it from happening again. What a learing experience -- I mean, who'd have EVER thunk it?! (And, yes, I know 'thunk' isn't a word, but it's a phrase my dad always says -lol!) Once we get all of the chrysalises moved into the pavilion, I'll try to get some pics to share with you.

Sorry if I grossed any of you out. Hopefully we won't have anything like this to report again. ;)

Thanks so much for the visit, and I hope you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!

Economy Boosters (just doin' my part -lol!):

Cardstock: Kraft (SU!), Cranberry, Crystal Blue (CTMH), watercolor (Strathmore); Patterned Paper: Cupcake collection (BasicGrey); Stamps: Cosmo the Turtle, Little Boy (Cornish Heritage Farms); Ink: Timber Brown Staz-On (Tsukineko), Olive, Buttercup, Cranberry, Crystal Blue, Bamboo (CTMH); Other: Cuttlebug, Tiny Tags die (Provo Craft), piercing tool, grosgrain, water brush (CTMH), brown waxed linen (unknown), Xmas Red, Waterfall Stickles (Ranger), mat pack (SU!), foam mounting tape


Jeanne said...

Christi, that card is fantastic and thanks for sharing it! It's a testament to how great it is that your brother mentioned he liked it, I'm sure!

I have NEVER heard of that happening with caterpillars! How creepy indeed. I wonder what the reason for it was. It might be something for the kids to research to find out why it did this...were they ill or something? Would they have not survived or was he just a mean old bug?

Thanks for's all fascinating to you create such gorgeous cards and also the whole bug episode...*Ü*

Barb said...

What an adorable card, Christi! I love that little turle image. And you colored him so nicely.

YUCK about the butterflies. I always thought they were so nice. Eating one of his own kind...shame on him! Good for you, though, getting him out of there. Imagine the surprise you would have had in the morning...he might have made his way 'round to have a taste of all of the 'sleeping roomies'-ya' know, that's just creepy! LOL!

Thanks for sharing. Sorry, but I did have to giggle on a few parts.


Susan (rainy) said...

I love your lollipop, Christi. The sparkle looks wonderful.

I always thought that caterpillars were vegetarians! I think seeing that mean guy would have given me nightmares. How creepy was HE!