Thursday, May 14, 2009

{I'm still} smiling

Before the week ends, I thought I'd share the heartwarming handmade Mother's Day cards that I was blessed to receive this year. Hope you don't mind.

I also have to mention --Hi, Monica!-- that I received a couple other very special non-handmade cards that brought tears to my eyes because of the sweet, sweet words written inside by my older kids, but I don't think they're what you came to see. ;)

This first one is one of the cards that Chloe made me (she made another {secret} one while we ladies were blissfully shopping at Archiver's last Friday, though I have a feeling she decided to save it until next year because I highly doubt she'd forget to give it to me if that were her intention...Hmmmm....): (As her "teacher," I have to say this...She does know better, so please pretend she didn't forget to put the apostrophe in "Mother's" -lol!)

And I'm gonna show you the inside too (if you want to read it...or see any of the cards I post here on my blog in more detail...just click on the pic to enlarge it), just because I think it'll make you smile almost as much as it does me. (That sweet little girl just melts my heart): This next one with the beautiful paisley/floral paper, arch lattice border, and blue accents is from my wonderful and talented mom (those flowers she used look and feel almost as if they have white embossing powder on their edges --so unique!; and you can't tell from the pic, but the bird has Shimmerz on it and looks so pretty): And last, but certainly not least, this beautiful card with the sunshine-y daisies, Swiss Dots, and pretty scallops arrived the other day from my sweet bloggin' buddy Barb (it's always so much fun to receive such wonderful surprises in the mail!): Thank you all SO much! I feel so very blessed to have such sweet and special ladies in my life! And, yes, I realize I use the word sweet a LOT, but I can't help it. ;)

Tomorrow I'll have something fun to share with you (HINT: you'll see some wings --and it won't be Chloe's butterflies...not yet anyway -lol), so I hope you'll stop by. ;)

Thanks so much for indulging me while I shared some of my special cards with you. And thanks, too, for taking the time to come visit. Until next time, many blessings to you!


Jeanne said...

Awwwwwww...what a precious daughter you have! Love the card (minus apostrophe and all). Actually the other cards are fantastic too and you deserve each and every one of them.

Thanks for sharing!!

Jeanette - said...

These are all beautiful! What sweet family and friends you have. :)

monica said...

hi mama!!

sorry i hadn't checked this sooner, but with finals i was too tired to turn this computer on! but now that school is DONE, i can look!! i hope you're feeling better than this morning. i love you and miss you LOTS!! i like your new music too =] xoxo