Wednesday, October 8, 2008

'21 Reminders' Coaster Book

Okay, as promised, here's the coaster book I made for my daughter's 21st birthday. At first I thought it would be just from me, but then I changed my mind. Wanting to make this really special for her, I thought about this long and hard and decided to rise above myself and include ALL of her immediate family members...meaning, not only would this include sentiments from myself, my hubby, our two kids, my two older sons (my daughter's flesh-and-blood siblings), my stepdaughter, and my parents; I went even further and also asked my ex, his wife, her son, their daughter, and his parents to contribute to this as well (and if you know me, you know this was not easy for me to do because the relationship I have with my ex and his wife is less than pleasant, to put it nicely).

Anyway, not everyone followed my 'instruction' to list what they love about her, but the general idea was there and so I went with with the wording exactly as it was given to me. I'm not sure you'll be able to read it all, nor is that my concern here. I just thought I'd give you a heads up so you might be able to make sense of all this in case you were looking beyond the artwork. ;) Every person's sentiments are in a different font, and I tried to create each page with that person and their personality in mind...kinda tough when you're not overly fond of some of them. lol

BTW, she just received it today, and she said it was the BEST gift she's ever received, so I'm glad that all my thought and effort was worth it. I felt like I was living this thing for weeks, and it took almost a week for UPS to deliver it, so I'm really glad it's finally in her hands and also relieved she loves it. ;)

I'm going to list the "pages" in the order they were assembled, even though I don't have them in groupings of two. Make sense? And I took most of these pics before I assembled it...I was so afraid of ruining it when punching the holes with my Crop-a-dile! lol Oh, and you may want to go get a little snack and your favorite beverage...this could take a while. ;) There are so many pics, I'm wondering if Blogger will need me to break this up and put it into two or three different posts.... Guess we'll find out soon enough. lol

Okay, this is the front cover:
Page 1:
Page 2:
Page 3:
Page 4:
Page 5:
Page 6:
Page 7:
Page 8:
Page 9:
Page 10:
And Page 11 (this was one of my favorites):
The book opens to reveal my parents' sentiments (hope you don't mind that I'm sharing this, Mom):
Page 12:
And here's the inside of that one:
Page 13:
Page 14 (the inside of the back cover -- I tucked an extra little note inside this envie):
And no, I'm not going to let you read the inside of the note -lol:
The very back cover is just plain cardstock with my little signature stamp on it. Nothing fancy and not worth showing. ;)

I thought I was making each page relatively flat, but I had to use 2" binder rings to assemble this. I think it might have looked better only using a top ring, but I really wanted it to be more like a book, so I went ahead and used a ring at the bottom as well (but the ribbons are only at the top). My supply list was so ridiculously long, and most of the supplies used were from Close To My Heart (I think some ribbon and chipboard were the exceptions). I somehow misplaced it when I was cleaning the house to have friends over for dinner last weekend, but if I ever find it, I'll edit this post to include it all. Until then, please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and I hope you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!


Stacy said...

What a beautiful gift! Your daughter is very blessed.

Carolyn King said...

oh my goodness--what an amazing, special heartfelt gift that i am sure your dd will TREASURE forever. Wow....I love it...and I love how you even asked your ex husband and ex mil to contribute. You are a GREAT mom!

Mary Ellen said...

Holy COW Christi!!! This is amazing. I loved reading every sentiment. I bet you would have loved to watch Monica open it. You are an inspirational mother Christi. I want to make one for Michael now when he turns 21! Big hugs, Mary Ellen

Pat said...

My DD, I am sure that Monica will have tears in her eyes for a long, long while as she looks at this treasure over and over again and feels the love that the entire family has for her -- but most of all for the incredible love and relationship that you two have with each other. It is absolutely beautiful and you did such a wonderful job in pulling it all together. Love the papers, embellies, and everything you did!
Hugs, Mom

Jeanne said...

Wow, Christi, what an awesome and amazing gift! You are an outstanding mother who I'm sure has raised an outstanding daughter, based on the comments shared in your book.

I'm awed by the power of the love shared. Amazing...simply amazing!

YOU rock!

Maria Gurnsey said...

This is such a cute book and a wonderful idea!!!

Priscilla Heistad said...


This is a beautiful book for your daughter. I am sure she will treasure it forever. Each and every page has its own personality and style, very clever.

I too know how difficult it is to include the whole "ex"-tended family, but what a blessing that is for your daughter. Good job, mom!

Very, very beautiful.

Sue C said...

Absolutely FABULOUS, Christi! You always do such great work - love your blog, too! Thanks for showing EVERY PAGE so I can CASE some of 'em!

Barb W said...

Wow, Christi! This is beautiful!Let me just say, I love the whole package...I mean, listening to the first song you have playing on your list and then seeing this heartfelt gift you made for Monica-and I KNOW it is heartfelt...just wonderful! Brings a tear, my friend. I hope is going well with all of you...

Jeanette - said...

Christi - This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, both physically and what you did to put it together. I know about the ex thing - ick! Thanks for letting us see all the pages and read the thoughts, each page is truely beautiful! I'm sure that Monica will treasure it forever, I know I would and it wasn't even about me :)

Patti Gingrich said...

Hi Christi! You've been a busy girl! What a lovely gift for your daughter! She will feel the love that went into making each and every page. It's a perfect keepsake and I'm sure she will cherish it.

Thanks so much for sharing it with's beautiful! ~Patti

Courtney said...

Oh what a thoughtful mother you are! Especially to go out of your way and ask the ex's! Holy cow! There's a crown in heaven for you, baby! (if your family is anything like mine, there'll be two!)

Lovely, lovely, gorgeous and super thoughtful! What a lucky young lady!

monica said...

Hey mama! I decided to check out your page this morning and saw this! So for everyone who looks at this .. they are ALL right .. you are the BEST mom and I will treasure my "book" FOREVER! It is on the nightstand next to my bed and I look at it all the time! It is my favorite thing and BEST present EVER! Love you so much!

Susan (rainy) said...

Christi this will be a gift.. a treasure.. that your daughter will cherish for her entire life. Whenever she needs a lift she will be able to open this book and know how much she is loved. What a wonderful mom!! This is so awesome!!