Monday, August 18, 2008

Thanks, a la Julia

Back in March, when I was still really new to blogging, I ended up on some sort of winning streak (I rarely win anything, so it was great fun for me!) -- I won all sorts of blog candy in a very short period of time. Well, one of those times I won some blog candy from Julia Stainton. (If you must know, she's one of my stamping heroes whom I worship from afar --she's up so high on that pedestal, ya know?-- not wanting to freak her out by gushing too much and making it obvious that I *heart* her artwork. lol) But then I wasn't sure what went wrong (maybe I did gush too much? lol), because I never received anything from her. ;( Well, truth be told, I put it out of my mind and was actually feeling relieved knowing I wouldn't have to be sending her the thank you card I'd made for her. lol

Well, guess what?! The week before I left on vacation --out of the blue-- I received a package of Happy Mail from Julia! It was the blog candy I'd won months ago (like it could've been anything but? lol)! Anyway, she sent me some really fun supplies and I'm looking forward to playing with them all...and I thought you might like to see what I received. ;) Take a look!

If you can't tell, there are a LOT of chipboard shapes, several 6x6 beautiful embossed cards with envelopes, a box of Prima flowers, a pack of Daisy D's Lullaby Boy designer paper swatches, several opaque acrylic? journaling spots (in all kinds of really fun shapes), and she even included the darling card (apologizing for the delay) you see in the center there using Kim Hughes' Baked With Love set! How cool is that?!? ;D

Anyway...back to the card -- After spending a month fretting and being totally intimidated by the thought of having to make a card for THE Julia Stainton (I know, what ever was I thinking entering her blog candy contest?! lol), I came up with this (and, boy, am I glad I never sent it to anyone in the meantime...I don't think I could stand the pressure having to come up with another one for her -lol):

I've never tried to re-create anyone's style before, but this time, maybe because of the intimidation factor, I tried to make something that looked like her style...sorta shabby chic and vintage-y looking, with some stitching thrown in, of course ;)...something she'd maybe make herself, and maybe even like. What's funny about this (to me anyway) is that normally cards take me far too long to create, but this one (the one I worried about having to make for the longest time! lol) came together so quickly and I didn't have to obsess over the smallest of details like I usually do -- it kinda made itself. I think it may have been one of the fastest and easiest cards I've ever made...should I be embarrassed to say that I'm pretty happy with it? lol I really like brown in just about any color combination, and this one just reminded me of Julia. Oh, is what it is and it's already gone postal, so I hope she'll like it. ;)

Here's a closeup of the detail that's hard to see from the bigger photo:
So, for those of you who know of Julia and her work, how'd I do?

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment (your kind words always mean so much to me!), and I hope you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!

Economy Boosters (just doin' my part! -lol):

Cardstock: White Daisy (CTMH); Patterned Paper: Periphery 6x6 pad (Basic Grey); Stamps: Silhouette Blooms II, Beautiful, Scratched Grid (Cornish Heritage Farms); Ink: Cocoa, Heavenly Blue (CTMH); Other: corner rounder punch (EK Success), cocoa organdy, stipple brush (CTMH), blue polka dot organdy (May Arts), Stardust Gelly Roll clear pen (Sakura), foam mounting tape, pop dots, sewing machine, thread


Kathy said...

Wow!! You did a fantastic job!! This looks like something you would find on her blog!! Great job!! But you could have went with one of your own style because your cards are beautiful too!! :(Kathy

Courtney said...

You are hilarious! You actually think this card is not Julia-worthy?! You're nuts! It's GORGEOUS!!!

What a wonderful blog candy suprise, too! Congrats!

Stacy said...

First of all the card is BEAUTIFUL!!! She is going to LOVE it! And congrats on the blog candy, it looks yummy! I have never won any either I would be totally scared if I won something from Julia also, she is awesome! Thank you for visiting my blog and all your kind comments!!!! You are up there with Julia in my book!

Stacy said...

(The other Stacy) -- Boy, I don't know what you were worried about, girlfriend! That is a GORGEOUS card. And, anyway, all your stuff is beautiful, so you need to stop worrying about that. I'm sure Julia would just want you to be yourself and enjoy creating her card -- no matter what, I assure you she'd have nothing to scoff at!

So congrats on winning the blog candy, and thanks for sharing the card with us!!

Tori Wild said...

Thanks for finding my blog!! I was glad to find yours as well.. you're posts are hilarious and your work is GORGEOUS!! I love your "stampmonkey" name as well-- too cute-- I always call my 3 kids, the little monkeys. Thanks again for leaving me a comment!

malieta said...

Christi, your card is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You did a fantastic job and your colors are awesome. Julia is going to love it!!!
p.s. Your candy is awesome too:)

Carolyn King said...

that is so funny--months later!?

I love your card--it is gorgeous---don't sell yourself short--you are very talented yourself!

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Fabulous happy mail. Wonderful card, I agree with Carolyn its gorgeous!

Jeanette - said...

Your card is BEAUTIFUL!!! But then all your cards are beautiful, you amaze me with your talent! Fun blog candy too - congratulations!

Christi (Cici510 on SCS) said...

What awesome happy mail!! And OMG are your cards gorgeous!!! Wow!!

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh Christi ya done good... real good!! Your card for Julia is absolutely stunning.