Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Butterflies, {Inaudible} Hisses, and Funny Fish Kisses

It feels like forever since I've posted...and stamped. How do you all do it -- stamping all the time, I mean? I'm envious....

Last Friday was our home school field trip to the Butterfly Pavilion, which was about an hour south of where we live. Well worth the drive and a wonderful day! Knowing that Jeanne lived near there, I was so happy when she and her youngest daughter accepted my invitation to join our group for the day. After being acquainted through email, egroups, and blogging, it was so nice to finally get to meet her in person, and her daughter is every bit as cute in person as she is in the pictures Jeanne has shared on her blog. ;)

Here are a few pics of some butterflies (and a HUGE moth!) during the Butterfly Release that I was fortunate enough to have an unobstructed view and a quick shutter -- you should've seen the ones that got away! ;) I noticed that Jeanne has posted a few pics as well, so if you're interested, you can go check them out by clicking here.

Here's the GINORMOUS moth. What was so fascinating about this creature, beyond its size and the fact that the male of the species only live about a week and the female just a little longer (only long enough to lay her eggs), is that the markings on the edges of their upper wings look exactly like a snake! Can you see them? We were told this 'camoflauge' is to confuse would-be predators -- amazing! It's body is beautiful too, almost polka-dotted, and it's antenae are plume-like and so colorful!

There were so many interesting things to see and learn, and I think everyone really enjoyed their time there -- I know we sure did. This next pic is of {one very brave} Jeanne holding a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach during the hands-on portion of the field trip because the girls weren't too excited about the idea (thanks, Jeanne!). The kids got to become 'scientists' for a short time and experiment a little with these creepy crawly creatures (nice, controlled experiments -- no torture going on -lol), though I don't think anyone actually heard them hissing. ;)

There were several other exhibits to see and touch throughout the facility, all of which were invertebrates (and I've decided to spare you those pics -lol), such as "Rosie" the tarantula (nearly ALL of the kids waited in line to get to have Rosie crawl in their hands -- ewwww!). They had several Rosies so that when one got tired of being gently prodded to crawl, they could bring out a fresh, energetic one. lol There were all kinds of spiders and beetles, some honey bees, a sea cucumber, a couple lobsters, crabs, and even some fish -- some of the sea creatures were also hands-on.

The kids all thought they'd found Nemo and his dad in this exhibit:

And I just had to take this guy's picture. I didn't catch his name, but he seemed friendly enough...and he looked as though he's ever ready to give away kisses -lol! Mwah!! (Wonder how he eats? lol)

Yep, I was just a picture-taking fool on Friday -- and thanks for humoring me if you've read this far. ;) I've got just one more for ya (yes, I'm easily amused and, sadly, not a very good photographer -lol).... On our way home from the field trip, the kids and I stopped and watched some horses in a pasture near our home where there were about five baby horses grazing with the herd (is that right? a "herd" of horses?...yeah, us city folk don't know the proper names for much in the way of farm animals -- it's just shameful, I know...but I'm tryin'). The babies seemed to either be nursing or following their mommas around so I rarely got a good shot, but this one seemed good enough to share. Isn't he a cutie?!

I should be back tomorrow to share a card with you. ;)

Thanks so much for the visit, and I hope you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!


Barb W said...

How fun! Butterflies are my favorite! That is amazing about the moths wings. They really do look like snakes! God is truly awesome! How nice, you were able to mean Jeanne, that must have been a really fun day.

Thanks for sharing the pics...love that little horse-y baby, too.

Stop by my blog...there's something there for ya!

Laura said...

Thank you so much fr sharing these beautiful pictures. We live in Northern VA and don't have access to a butterfly farm. THat moth was incredible! Can't wait for my 7 yr old twinz to get home to share your photos.
thanks again!

Jeanne said...

Christi, you got some great shots! I love your moth shot! You can really see the snake heads!

Thank you again for inviting us.

I don't think I should tell you just how close to Archiver's you were, huh? Believe me, you have it made with the Treasure Box so close by. Archiver's might be a let down...

I'm pretty sure I know exactly where you saw the horses...

Barb W said...

Hi Christi,
I was trying to e-mail you, but your link is not working for me.

Patti Gingrich said...

You take a great photo Christi! These are awesome! Sounds like a lovely day! TFS!

Kristine said...

:D heehee....yes, a group of horses is called a herd. Those are gorgeous pics. Thanks for sharing!!