Monday, May 5, 2008

Under Construction...

Nicole is currently working on my blog, and so things are kinda messy at the moment. I see that I've lost a lot of blog links and other things I'd added recently, so once she gets things back up and running again, I hope to get it all restored. (That is, if I can even remember what blog links are missing -- there are just too many inspiring stampers to visit each one regularly!)

I have a few new cards to share with you, but I doubt it'll happen today (Mondays are pretty busy school days for us). Many thanks for your patience. Hope you're enjoying your day today!

Thanks so much for the visit, and I hope you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!

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Barb W said...

Hi Christi! I stopped by to get some inspiration and I see that you are 'under construction'. I can't wait to see the changes. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll be back in a few days.