Saturday, May 24, 2008

Moving Experiences...from earthquakes to tornadoes to a new nest

Being a native California girl, I've lived all my life VERY aware of (and freaked out by) earthquakes. And one of the reasons I was happy to leave California almost two years ago was that I was fairly certain we would no longer be living on any major fault lines -- no more worrying about where each of my kids were at any given moment and if I could get to them in time to 'save' them when the earth began to shake. I'm glad to say that I've greatly relaxed since then; however, I wasn't expecting to find myself in tornado territory! That's a horse of a whole different color...but at least we have warnings for tornadoes. lol

Thursday morning we watched as the winds came up, the thunder boomed, the rain began, and then the hail started falling. Up to ONE INCH pieces of hail (we were used to little pea-sized pieces or smaller, so this was a new experience for us). Then we were given a tornado warning and told to get down into the basement, which we did...although being kinda new to this, I wasn't really convinced there was an imminent threat and so therefore wasn't rushing (after all, I was told tornadoes only occurred on the OTHER side of I-25). Well, by the time I'd gathered the laptop (to follow the storm updates...not to blurf! lol), a flashlight, the house phone, my cell phone, and the dog, I discovered my 8-YO daughter had been filling her backpack with her favorite things (her stuffed "Shadow" -- I'll have to tell you about this darling little ragamuffin some other time as it's quite sweet; her Bible; her fleece blanket; her notepad and take notes -lol; and miscellaneous other toys); she also had her 10-YO brother packing his backpack! It was pretty cute actually -- she's such a little mommy...already!

Okay, so we're down in the basement just hanging out for awhile. The dog was a bit freaked, though it may have been more to do with the fact that she's never been down in the basement before and wasn't sure what to make of it or why she was being kept there with nothing to do but lie down and keep us company. ;) Noah and Chloe were supposed to be reading (I mistakenly thought we might be able to get some school work done while we were "just sitting around" -lol), though I think they were fairly shaken up too and kept thinking of questions to ask me about the tornado. What concerns me is that we really don't have anything 'secure' in the basement to get underneath or to hang onto should, heaven forbid, a tornado actually cut across our path, but of course I didn't tell the kids that. I think the only thing strapped down in there is the water heater, and that's definitely not a place where we'd be seeking shelter.

So after our encampment in the basement was over, I turned on The Weather Channel to follow the tornado and try to get a little more informed about tornadoes. I mean I'd seen the movie "Twister" a couple times, and I know that sounds lame but never had I thought about it in terms of something I'd have to deal with in real life because earthquakes, floods, and fire storms were the only natural disasters I was familiar with (although I just found out they had TWIN tornadoes in Southern California that same day!). However, in seeing the damage that this tornado had done in the town just south of us (and only four blocks from where some friends live), I came away with a sobering new appreciation for what can come from thunderstorms and wind...and baseball-size hail! That's right -- our friends had hail literally the size of baseballs crashing down onto their house and car and travel trailer, causing quite a bit of damage...and that was FOUR BLOCKS from where the tornado actually touched down! It completely wiped their church off the map, many homes and businesses were destroyed, the main road in/out was blocked by downed power lines and trees, and that area of the city is still without power two days later. Surprisingly, I believe there was only one fatality. We are so thankful that there wasn't more damage than there was since that same tornado touched down in a couple other places after that (one just a handful of miles north of us in a town where my kids are normally there taking art classes on Thursday afternoons!; the other, I believe, in Laramie, WY). And as scary as Thursday afternoon was, I think I'd still rather face a tornado than an earthquake. At least you know when a tornado is coming...though I think next time I'll be better prepared (and my kids won't have time to pack!).

Okay...if you're still with me, thanks. ;) Here's the card I made for my 20-YO daughter who just moved into a new apartment a couple weeks ago. The colors are so much more beautiful in real life.

Yes, this is for the same daughter who just received the Ass't Mgr of the Year award...and the same one who just called off her wedding indefinitely with less than three months to go...and the same one who's just now reuniting with her dad and his side of the family after nearly three years' separation) -- she's had quite a LOT of changes in her life this month. (I can't take any more! lol) I'll likely make her another card soon, an encouragement type, just because she's been going through so much and I know she'd appreciate the thought. My mother's heart wants to protect her and to be there for her and to help her through all this, but at the same time, I know she's learning and growing from all of these experiences -- and knowing her, she will emerge strengthened and become more confident in who she is. At least that's what I tell myself to help ease the guilt for not being there (of course it was her decision to remain in CA at the last minute...though it still doesn't change the sadness I feel). At times like these, though, I just wish I weren't so far away and could give her more than cards and encouragement over the phone. ;( UGH!

Anywhoo...I used a sketch I saw on Michelle Wooderson's blog a little while ago, and the image and sentiment are both from the Pretty Birds stamp set I picked up from Cornish Heritage Farms. The designer paper is more Wild Asparagus from My Mind's Eye that I recently picked up at my LSS (I seem to have a LOT of their papers). I just love the colors in this one -- they're soothing and yet bright and fun and they make me happy; I'm hoping they'll have the same affect on my daughter! ;)

I used Timber Brown Staz-On for the paper-pieced images and for the sentiment on White Daisy cardstock. (I think that little bird is one of the cutest birds I've seen!) Using my waterbrush, I added some Gray Flannel shadowing behind the images, and also sponged some Heavenly Blue ink for the 'sky.' The tree leaves are colored in with Key Lime ink, and the outer edge of the sentiment oval (cut with my Nestabilities) is sponged with Hollyhock ink. The crocheted trim is by Wright's -- I think I'm in love with that one!

I used two different sentiments from the set to make the "your" -- I added the "y" (from the "you're a hoot" stamp) to the "our new nest" stamp to make it work for my card. The "o" is covered with a Water Dew Drop. I have a layer of Summer Cloud Blue cardstock behind the plaid panel on a Hollyhock base, and the 'grass' is just a piece of White Daisy cardstock fringed with scissors and then inked with Key Lime. The sentiment piece, bird house, and sweet little birdie are adhered using dimensionals. Pretty fast and simple, but I'm pleased with the result. I only wish I'd figured out a place to include a "congratulations" on the card front, but instead it's on the inside.

Sorry for ALL the blabbing today -- I know that's not why you stop by. My life just seems a little bit more chaotic and a lot more emotional than usual and I just felt like I needed to get some of it out.... I won't do that to you again. I hope. lol I hope you're enjoying this Memorial Day weekend!

Thanks so much for the visit, and I hope you'll stop by again soon. Until then, many blessings to you!

Supplies: Cardstock: Hollyhock, (ret.) Summer Cloud Blue, White Daisy (CTMH); Patterned Paper: Wild Asparagus "Birthday Girl" Plaid and Dots (My Mind's Eye); Stamps: Kim Hughes' Pretty Birds (Cornish Heritage Farms); Inks: Timber Brown Staz-On (Tsukineko), Key Lime, Hollyhock, Heavenly Blue (CTMH); Other: oval Nestabilities (Spellbinders), trim (Wright's), Water Dew Drops (Robin's Nest), waterbrush, sponge, Liquid Glass (CTMH), foam mounting tape, pop dots


Jeanne said...

Oh my Christi! You've been through the wringer!!! I've been totally distracted this week and didn't even KNOW about the tornado until a friend called asking if we were okay. (She thought I lived in Windsor-She's in Highlands Ranch). Honest to goodness...I've been here since 1994 and that is the worst one I've heard of. Most of the time they happen in the plains. We do get hail at times and thunderstorms, but that tornado was UNUSUAL!! Scary for sure.

I'm glad you and your family are all okay. Now what would I do?? We don't have a basement in our house????!!!! My dad told me about the tornados in CA-He still lives in the house I grew up in. Wild and wacky weather for sure huh?


joslyn said...

glad your safe. i love this card the colors are yummy and the images are so cute.

Courtney Fowler said...

Tornados are so scary! We don't have a basement and our 100 year old house is on pier and beam so we're like 2 feet off of the ground. I surely hope we don't have to endure a tornado!

Love your card!

Michelle said...

What an ordeal! So glad everyone came out fine.

What an adorable card. I love the little dew drop. I'm dying to get some of these.

TFS, Michelle

Barb W said...

Well my goodness Christi! What a time you've had! I love reading your stories and this one had me going for a bit. So glad that everyone is safe and sound. But your poor nerves were probably fried!-Well, I love the card. The colors remind me of rainbow sherbet. The images make me want to order that stamp set, and of course you know I love the lace. Your coloring techniques on this one are amazing, I love the shading and the shadowing. Thanks for sharing with me. Take care now. Blessings~Barb

Patti Gingrich said...

Sending a hug your way and a prayer up to our Heavenly Father. I hope things are going better for you girl. Thankful you made it through it all OK.

Another adorable card too! All of the little details are so sweet! I really like your style! :)

Alli Miles said...

So glad that you faired through the scary tornado stuff. I am with you on earthquakes though. we are also in tsunami land so I have two things to worry about if there is an earthquake. *lol* BTW, LOVE this card.

My Scrap Basket said...

Just gorgeous!