Thursday, January 24, 2008

So They Say It's Your Birthday

...and if I were to have a birthday cake, it'd likely be considered a fire hazard. lol However, since hubby's no pastry chef (and would be hard pressed to think about stopping to pick up my favorite dessert), and the kids aren't old enough to be baking on their own just yet, I'm gonna have to forego the tradition of cake and ice cream with candles (galore, I might add -lol). Of course, it doesn't help that the kids are both down with coughs and sore throats...meaning they won't be going to Awana tonight (the one night a week when Bill and I actually have an hour and a half to ourselves -- such a wonderful thing and we really look forward to it, even if it means only having time to grab a quick bite and the literal sense, given our time constraints...some errands).

Tonight, however, we'd planned to use our gift card to Olive Garden, which has been gathering dust in my nightstand drawer for a year or two now. Oh, well. There's always next Thursday, right? And to further derail the evening (the kids are disappointed, but my waistline is actually thanking me), we'd also planned to stop at Cold Stone Creamery on our way home so we could all 'celebrate together' as the kids have been telling me they wished we could do -- they're so sweet! So, change of plans (not like this is anything new for us lately -lol)...we're settling for a delivered pizza and a nice glass of red, with the kids going to bed ON TIME (yeah, that ever happens), and maybe a movie with the warmth of the fireplace as our ambiance. I may live dangerously and have a handful of Dove Dark chocolate for dessert. That always goes well with red wine -- and what a taste treat!

I hope I'm not sounding too disappointed in today's twists and turns. We all need to be flexible, right? I'm truly a homebody at heart, so I'm good with hangin' out at home. I'm actually excited about the idea of not having to cook or do dishes...or go out in this COLD weather. And the kids are happy cuz we all get to celebrate together! And I'm really looking forward to opening my gifts after dinner -- I have a sneaking suspicion that there are some really fun {stamping} toys in the package from my parents (thanks, Mom!). All things considered, it's feeling like a very happy birthday indeed. ;D

Oh, and did I mention that the beautiful roses pictured here were a wonderful surprise that my ever-lovin' hubby brought home for me last night? Aren't they just gorgeous?! (You'll have to excuse the *lovely* vase, crystal ones are still packed away somewhere in the basement.)

Thanks so much for the visit, and I hope to see you again soon! Until then, many blessings!

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